New Economy

Starting & Growing Great Canadian Companies
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Promoting Economic Growth
Tax Policy for a New Economy
Space, Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing

Architecture, Design, Housing & Recreation - The Future of Work & Quality of Life
Putting Canadians to Work in the Digital Economy
Children, Parents, Work & Careers
Immigration for Growth
Education, Learning & Skills

Opening New Markets for Canadian Merchandise, Services, Expertise & Investment
Completing Canada’s Economic Union
Canadian Energy
Canadian Financial Markets


New Country

Canada’s Métis
Empowering First Nations: Confidence, Respect & Trust
Great Canadian Cities, Youth, Startups & Public Transit
Agriculture, Food & Canadian Countryside

Justice & the Rule of Law in Canada
Ending Poverty & Homelessness in Canada
Health Care & Seniors
Refugees & Asylum

The Crown in Canada
Safeguarding Canadian Wilderness: Coastlines, Forests, Freshwater, Grasslands & Oceans
Canadian Citizenship & Canadian Values
The Language of Champlain

New Role

Canadian Diplomacy & Human Rights
Ukraine & Russia
Fighting Terrorism & Its Sponsors
Democracy, Parliament & Public Service
United Nations & Global Governance

Cybersecurity & the Digital Commons
Bridge to Asia
Canada’s Arctic and the Circumpolar World
Quebec, Europe & the Atlantic Advantage
Forest Products, Mining & Metals

Afghanistan & Pakistan
Set Cuba Free
End the Genocide in Syria Now
Defending Canadian Interests & Values
Canadian Culture, Canada’s Voice