Canadian Culture, Canada’s Voice

Canadian television, film, video games, media, music, literature, publishing, theatre, dance, sport, interactive, circus and experimental arts industries account for around $60 billion in GDP, employ close to 750,000 Canadians and generate billions in exports every year.


The stories we tell, the art and spectacle we create in all these forms gives meaning to our lives.  Our culture and our art remind us that Canada has been, among other things, an act of imagination.  In this age of digital disruption, it is vital we give Canadian culture the central place in our national life it deserves.


We need to ensure our arts communities and cultural industries continue to compete strongly worldwide, and take Canada’s distinctive voice to a larger global audience.


As Conservative Leader and Prime Minister of Canada, I would,


(i)             reform the CRTC to make Canada the world’s most connected country in the world, with vibrant competition, strong platforms for Canadian creators and strong support and abundant opportunities for the next generation of artists;


(ii)           enhance existing alliances among the public and private financial backers of Canadian film and television to achieve quality, excellence and greater international reach for Canadian productions;


(iii)          renew the mandate of the CBC to emphasize original Canadian drama and documentary productions; international news, including insight into the global economy; indigenous culture, languages and life; and music, theatre, visual and performing arts;


(iv)          give the CBC, the Canada Council, Telefim Canada and other national arts and cultural organizations a mandate to promote Canadian artists and creators around the world by supporting a global arts and culture network.



Alexandra Day