Cybersecurity & the Digital Commons


Our economic future depends on a digital domain that is safe, vibrant and accessible to Canadians.  To achieve this result, we need cyber infrastructure that is robust and well defended from attack.  We need government and private sector leadership, as well as a vibrant startup and hacker community committed to achieving excellence for Canada.


As Prime Minister, I will:


(i)             seek to make Canada a top tier centre of excellence of cybersecurity;


(ii)           ensure all Canadian government services are delivered robustly and safely online;


(iii)          make Canada the world leader in digital privacy protection and a consistent advocate of net neutrality and benign good governance of the digital commons;


(iv)          advocate upgrades to Canadian business and public cybersecurity infrastructure;


(v)           establish an enhanced Office Cyber Security at the centre of government, relying on Canadian Forces Cyber Operations for defence against foreign attack, Public Safety Canada for early warning and investigation, Global Affairs for cyber diplomacy and Canadian industry for innovation;


(vi)          develop robust deterrence and crisis management capacity; and


(vii)        recruit a new generation of hackers, coders, programmers, creators and specialists.

Alexandra Day