The Crown in Canada

The Crown in Canada.jpg

Canada’s stability has been favoured by the longevity of its monarchs.  Over nearly 410 years since the foundation of the first French settlements (with the exception of 69 years in early 19th and early 20th centuries under six less enduring Kings), only six monarchs have reigned over Canada: Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, George III, Victoria and Elizabeth II.


Without the institutions founded under the authority of our crown, Canada would not have come into being as a self-governing Dominion one hundred and fifty years ago.


Canada’s monarchy has served this country well.


It is now time for Canada to fully honour this legacy.


As Prime Minister I would:


(i)             without proposing any constitutional amendment, seek the approval of Parliament, and the largest possible number provinces and territories, for a coronation of our next monarch to take place in Canada;


(ii)           propose to style our country the Kingdom of Canada; and


(iii)          update the Canadian honour system to recognize fully excellence in all forms of public service and outstanding contributions to Canadian citizenship.

Alexandra Day