Canada’s Arctic & the Circumpolar World

Canada is an Arctic, northern and circumpolar nation.


In a landscape of unending coastlines, high mountains, rock, ice, tundra and sub-arctic forest, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon represent Canada’s most distinctive communities, richest natural environment and most vulnerable ecosystems.


As Conservative Leader and Prime Minister of Canada, I would:


(i)             put northerners at the centre of all Canadian decision-making on Arctic, northern and circumpolar affairs;


(ii)           pursue the development of Canada’s Arctic and North on the basis of cooperation, while enlarging our diplomatic presence and commercial partnerships with all circumpolar regions;


(iii)          ensure all projects in the mining, energy and fishing sectors are clean, sustainable and of maximum benefit to local residents;


(iv)          ensure shipping and eco-tourism advance without damaging the environment;


(v)           enhance search and rescue capacity based in the Arctic and North;


(vi)          reinforce environmental, climate, pollution and wildlife science monitoring;


(vii)        launch a federal initiative in partnership with the private sector to renew, improve and expand the quality, affordability and range of housing stock available to northerns;


(viii)       recruit more northerners to all federal departments and agencies, and enhance career opportunities for them in all three territories;


(ix)          expand efforts to connect northern youth to stimulating training and career opportunities and, when and where necessary, to reduce levels of depression, addiction, violence and suicide in isolated communities; and


(x)           promote local entrepreneurship, tourism, hunting, trapping, harvesting and art, including by improving fiber optic connections and enhancing telecommunications in all three territories.

Alexandra Day