Forest Products, Mining & Metals

Canada has long held a dominant position in these sectors.  With world’s second largest forests, timber, lumber and a wide variety of modern products have shaped our history – and brought many communities into being.  Canada is a major producer of minerals and metals, but also a leading source of professional services, equipment, capital and expertise for safety and sustainability for mining worldwide.  Of the world’s public mining companies, 57% are listed on the TSX and TSX Venture Exchanges, raising over half of global equity capital raised in 2015.[1]


As Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of Canada, I would:


(i)             seek to position Canada’s mining industry for global leadership;


(ii)           promote mineral, metal, professional services exports and Canadian investment in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa; and


(iii)          support the continuing transformation of Canada’s forest products industry with a view to expanding high value-added production and exports.



Alexandra Day