Support for Chris from various ridings across Canada!

I have known Chris since 2009 and he has always impressed me as having just the right qualities to be a national leader. I endorse Chris without reservation and hope that you see him as the best hope for our Party.

– Paul Egli, Ajax riding


As a resident in the riding of Don Valley West, I would like to send a message regarding the candidate for leadership in the forthcoming election. Chris has shown leadership qualities while with the Canadian legation in Moscow, Ambassador to Afghanistan, and a member of Parliament for Ajax-Pickering. In this latter posting he became Minister of Immigration and made significant progress with admitting suitable candidates to come to our country. He is well educated, hardworking, and capable to be the candidate of choice for the position of Prime Minister of this country.

– Richard M. Hogarth, Don Valley West


Chris Alexander is a competent politician with a broader vision for Canadians. He has outstanding credentials, he is well mannered, very educated, and truly loves his country. We Canadians need Chris Alexander to Lead this Nation.

– Reny Burrows, Spadina-Fort York


With Chris Alexander as Leader of the Conservative Party, and Prime Minister of Canada, we would have a respected presence internationally and a safer world. Chris’ experience in Moscow with Foreign Affairs Canada (2 terms), as our first resident Ambassador to Afghanistan (1 term), as a UN representative in Kabul (4 years), has given him outstanding knowledge of the international scene.

– Judith A. and John M. MacDonald, Sarnia- Lambton


Chris is my top choice. He speaks for all of Canada, and our place in the world.

– Tom Digby, Vancouver-Quadra


There is no other candidate that would be a more capable leader. Chris Alexander has shown intelligence and discipline throughout his political career. He would be an asset on the federal level and would guide us towards a better future for Canada.

– Tony Gare, Davenport


Chris Alexander has shown leadership qualities throughout his career – he is what the Conservative Party needs now!

– Siobhan and Peter Lough, Toronto-Danforth


I think we need someone like Christopher Alexander to lead our Party. He is totally bilingual and he is of an age that can match Trudeau in his appeal to the younger generation.

– Don Allen, Windsor West


Having watched Chris’ career for many years, I am confident that he is the best candidate for the leader of our Party.

– Sally Wiliamson, Cardigan


I support Chris Alexander to be the next Conservative Leader of Canada because I believe he is the only Conservative with the progressive values needed to win the next federal election.

– Chad Curtis, Oxford


We believe that Chris Alexander is the right candidate to lead the Conservative Party to victory in the next election. He has much experience in foreign affairs which is very important to us Canadians. He can debate Trudeau in both official languages and look good at the same time.

– David and Leslie Caswell, Parry Sound-Muskoka


I endorse Chris Alexander because he is the only candidate with vast international experience and an understanding of the intricacies of international trade and politics. He can lead Canada to be a stronger global player in various domains.

– Stacie Korjenevitch, Willowdale


Chris Alexander is the stroke of genius our Canadian canoe needs in turbulent waters. Alexander for P.M. in 2019!

– Matt Alexander, Sudbury riding


After meeting a number of candidates, I am supporting Chris because he understands the value of the millennial vote and coupled with his unrivalled foreign policy experience Chris is the most prepared for the job of Prime Minister.

– Abhishek Chaudhry, Kingston and the Islands


Chris has served as a diplomat in Moscow, as Canada’s Ambassador to Afghanistan, as deputy special representative (in Kabul) of the Secretary General of the United Nations, and as Minister of Immigration in Stephen Harper’s cabinet. This outstanding service to our country gives him the credentials to be the next leader of the Conservative Party.

– Jane Palmer, Toronto-St. Paul’s


Chris Alexander is a great young Canadian with a superb track record first as Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan and then as a brilliant MP. He would serve all Canadians well as leader of the PC Party.

– Richard Johnston, Simcoe North


I’ve never met an individual who has had such a strong commitment to both a higher calling in public service and to their family. These traits set Chris apart from every other candidate in the field, along with his proven track record of serving Canada both at home and abroad. There is no other candidate that has the youth, vigour, character and determination to carry the Conservative Party forward in the next election.

– Duncan Purcell, Victoria riding


Chris Alexander is the best choice for the leader of the Conservative Party. Chris is well educated; fluent in French and other languages; possesses excellent debating skills; has extensive national and international experience; coupled with the drive to lead the party to a win in the next Federal Election.

– James K. Bingham, Parry Sound-Muskoka


I have witnessed at close range Chris Alexander’s career for 25 years. It is my conviction that he has the personal integrity plus the depth of experience and education to continue to impel Canada in the right direction. Bien sur, un candidat par excellence!

– Robert Black, Ottawa entrepreneur


Chris Alexander is my choice for the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. This multilingual, experienced diplomat has worked in Russia, was our first resident ambassador to Afghanistan and has worked with the United Nations. As a Member of Parliament, he was the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. I support his vision of creating jobs, growing companies, and containing our taxes and debt load. will better inform you of his many accomplishments as a proud Canadian.

– Joan Lough, Burnaby North-Seymour


Join me in supporting Chris and vote him #1 on your ballot. It’s high time for some common sense in government.

– Jolanta Kliwer, New Brunswick Southwest


Chris Alexander is the only leadership contender who uniquely focuses on the BIG PICTURE – Canada’s posture in the 21st century. When you visit his website,, you will applaud his policies and vision. No other candidate is addressing these issues in terms of a global economic context for Canada.

Chris Alexander sees the forest through the trees. Vision, insight and innovation are the stand alone leadership attributes Chris brings to the Conservative Party. Combine these inherent skills with his experience on the international stage and you have the hallmark of Canada’s next Prime Minister.

– Hilary Alexander, Eglinton-Lawrence


Chris Alexander is bright, dedicated and accomplished, with worldwide experience in diplomacy and policy. A family man of strong character, he has all the characteristics that we need in leadership for both the Conservative Party and the country.

– Dave Baxter, Brantford-Brant


I have known Chris Alexander since he was a glow in his mother’s eyes. There is no finer candidate for party leadership than Chris. His worldly experiences fit well with the global challenges that face Canada in the future. Chris has the integrity, intelligence and experience to lead Canada into a new era.

– Mike Robbins, South Okanagan-West Kootenay


What do I expect from the Leader of Canada, my country?
1.Must be fluent in French2. Must be fluent in Russian3. Must understand some Farsi and Arabic languages4.  Must have a deep understanding of Asian cultures and their political attitudes5.  Must have experience in Foreign Affairs area6.  Must respect family7. Must be a good listener8. Must respect differences and know as much about the rest of the world as possible9.  Must consider all Canadians as his family   10. Must pause and think...WELL...before he speaks, at all times.
I don’t know anyone else who possesses these characteristics but Chris Alexander.

– Despina Barnard, University-Rosedale


Canada needs international perspective, intellectual leadership, and innovation. We have brains, but little brawn. Chris and Malala are correct; Canada should lead, as others trust us, and will follow our example. Chris has the character and ability – others do not!

– David Knight, University-Rosedale


Canada is a wonderful, important and respected country, but not a superpower. For Canada to succeed in this rapidly changing world, our leader needs to be a consensus builder, whether in securing Canada’s position in trade negotiations or working with other political parties to achieve agreement on solutions to tough problems. Our next Prime Minister needs to be thoughtful, intelligent and purposeful or, in other words, a diplomat. Of all the candidates only Chris has the years of direct experience in diplomacy along with demonstrated electability plus political credentials as our former Minister of Immigration. Chris has a world view and a policy platform that is unique within the Conservative Party and which has the potential to reach a broad sweep of Canadians during the next federal election.

– Donald Carswell, Pickering-Uxbridge


Chris Alexander is the only candidate with the experience, expertise and leadership that will be necessary to defeat Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in 2019. Chris is the leader that all Conservatives and Canadians can count on!

– Andrew Wood, York-Simcoe


It gives me great pleasure to endorse Chris Alexander for the leadership of the Conservative Party. I have been a member of the party for 52 years. In that time we have rarely had the opportunity to choose someone for leader who is so well suited for the job. Chris is extremely well educated, experienced in both the international and domestic arenas and has a sound grasp of the economic issues that face our country today. He is ideally suited to go head to head with Justin Trudeau both in parliament and in the next election. We should all do ourselves a favour and select Chris as our next leader.

– Douglas Davis, Don Valley West


What makes Chris Alexander a strong leader is his dedication to Canada, understanding of the world, and progressive agenda. Chris possesses all the right qualities to lead Canada in the 21st Century.

– Anton Sestritsyn, Etobicoke Centre


We are strong supporters of Chris Alexander in his run for head of the Conservative Party. We have known Chris and his family for many many years, and have always had a huge respect for Chris’ integrity, values, and commitment to Canada. Chris’ impressive career both in his sessions on the Russian Desk in Moscow and later as Canada’s first Ambassador to Afghanistan (residing in Afghanistan), put him in an excellent position to lead Canada on the world stage. Chris also has a very broad understanding of our government and has shown his leadership ability during his tenure as Citizenship Minister.
With his international background, political experience here in Canada and ability to speak several languages, Chris is well positioned to make Canada a world leader.

– Doug Clark & Peggy Buchanan, Guelph riding


Chris is a man of ideas, vision, and commitment. He has always been the first one to offer support regardless of the need and has never failed to show leadership.

– Ragavan Paranchothy, Markham-Thornhill


I am pleased to say that I met Chris years ago in Argentina when he attended at our Canadian Embassy. There was an International Telecommunication Symposium, and as Canadian delegates were presenting important papers, Chris realized that we should host a reception, made an immediate decision, and enlisted my help to assist a short-staffed Embassy. I was impressed with his quick decision making, his quick management to arrange an event, his intelligence speaking about the industry to international delegates, his charming smile, his amazing language skills, and his courtesy to everyone. I would be very proud of Chris as our Prime Minister as I learned by working with him that he is extremely intelligent. He beats out a drama teacher by a country mile...And not one selfie!

– Penny Barr, Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry


Those who are voting for our new Conservative Party Leader have a rare opportunity to have a major impact on the future of our country. Make Chris Alexander your #1 ballot choice!

– David Rennie, North Vancouver


Chris Alexander is a young man who has always put duty to his country first. He is experienced as a leader in Afghanistan as Canadian Ambassador, as a representative of the United Nations and as a member of the Canadian Parliament. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, and articulate in both English and French. Chris is a team player, is honest and has a good record in politics. Chris Alexander believes in the CBC and will work towards a new mandate to encompass the digital world and broadcast the best of Canada worldwide. Chris would be an excellent leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and as a representative of all Canadians.

– Suzanne Halpenny, Ottawa-West Nepean


We support Chris Alexander to be the “Conservative Party Leader” as we believe he would be the most qualified to do so.  We are confident his education background, linguistic abilities and extensive international experience provide him with the requisite qualities needed to be the party leader.  We support his commitment to lower taxes, balancing the books and increasing defense spending to meet our international requirements. We are confident that Chris Alexander would be the best choice as leader for the Conservative Party and the future leader of our country.

– David and Mailis Mayhew, Toronto-Danforth


Yesterday I sent my vote in for Chris Alexander, as he is an experienced and hardworking person. Chris and his wife Hedvig are the kind of people I like to represent us.

– Yoka Feberwee, Oakville riding


Chris is the kind of candidate who is all too rare today. I would be proud to call him Leader of our Party.

– Pat Delesalle, West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country


In 2019, the Conservative Party of Canada needs a leader who can take on Justin Trudeau and deliver a strong, stable, majority Conservative Government. Chris Alexander is the only candidate with the experience and the expertise to deliver this mandate and lead Canada back to prosperity.

– Tim Wood, Beaches-East York


I have known Chris for over 25 years, as a colleague and a friend. He has a keenly inquisitive mind, an openness to different ideas and cultures, and a superb grasp of the issues that matter to Canadians. Chris offers the kind of leadership the country needs: the kind based on understanding not reaction, substance not sound bites.

– Matthew Kronby, Toronto-Danforth


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